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Residential power washing Lima OH

Residential power washing Lima OH

Residential power washing is a maintenance task that keeps your house in a decent and sturdy state. The good news is that you do not have to endure the intensity of a power wash every two months, because you can schedule upkeeps in between each residential power washing in Lima OH.

Maintaining the house between power washings

Spray the house down

Rinse the exterior of the home with a garden hose at least once a month. The water will dissolve crystallized salt and wash off the dust.

Clean the gutters

Gutters develop black streaks due to debris after heavy rains. Some of these stains are due to water sitting on the gutter’s edge and insides. Remove the gutter guards to remove all debris.

Spray the window

Several products can help loosen dirt on the window. Apply the products to the surface and hook the hose to spray the water.

How often should you power wash a home?

Residential power washing is a standard procedure that ought to happen annually. It is recommendable that you power wash specific areas like the roof, deck, and gutters more frequently because they collect additional debris and dust. The frequency depends on the following determinant factors:

The environment and climate

Factors that warrant frequent power washing are dry, windy weather. The contrast between wet and humid environments is not prone to dust and dirt buildup. The contaminants of dusty areas proliferate on homes with overhangs and pose more proneness to damage the roof.

A home that is close to a construction mine is bound to have extreme dust and dirt within a short window period between washing sessions. Similarly, a house with a dusty compound will be susceptible to dispositions of sand within the home.

Planned renovation

Are you planning to refinish or repaint a home exterior? Painting over peeled or cracked paint will leave a rough surface and reduce the life of the new coating color. Power washing can clean and prepare the surface of the home for better adherence of paint and adhesives.


The easiest decision about maintaining your home is opting to create a curb appeal that matches your wish.

An upcoming sale

It is common to catch up on all the maintenance routines of the home before putting the house up for sale. These tasks make the home appear to have a higher price value because its parts are clean and attractive. Schedule residential power washing at Lima OH with Fitzgerald to transform an old rusty and dingy property to a fresh and clean with a high price value.

Areas that require power washing


The roof has streaks of moss lichen, and a black coating that makes it unsightly and a risk to the household’s health.


The rain carries dirt and salt into the porous surface of the concrete. A high power wash can remove gum, tar, rust, oil, and calcium.

Deck cleaning

Decks collect algae and dirt from deposits of rain and snow. It is easy for the joints to be the collection point of polymeric sand when you fail to schedule regular residential power washing in Lima OH.


Residential power washing Lima OH
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