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Article provided by: Massload Technologies Inc.

Weigh Hopper Load Cell

Weigh Hopper Load Cell

Any existing hopper can turn into a hopper weigh scale system that weighs data on a digital indicator or computer system. The load cells are between the hopper and pedestal and have a suspension bellow that improves the entire system. The number of load cells on the weighing system depends on the number of pedestals on the hopper. The low capacity hopper is between three load cells and has a design that will offer a low profile solution to the vessel's high capacity.

What is a weigh hopper? The weigh hopper load cell system has mounting hardware, suspension support, and compression transducer for the load application. The system is excellent for indoor and outdoor applications because it has a design that meets a corrosive and heavy system's different requirements.

How do I install load cells?

What is a load cell, and how does it works? The most common information about the hopper cell system works best with a cell arrangement that sits at the hopper's top. Placing the cells away from the tank's body ensures they do not influence the temperature changes in the tank. The load cells act like accurate scales that allow one to add, remove, and change the weights.

The wireless compression load cell system allows constant variations to relay data to the wireless IT system. It has a complex system that is accurate even through Bluetooth devices.

How is the installation of weighing hopper load cells?

The total weight of the hopper should be even on each load cell. It is better to select load cells with a sufficient load capacity for the expected maximum load. There are two main methods of installing the hopper load cell – the simplified method allows the combination of load cells, dummies, hinges, and pivots to receive the load. The standard method gets reception from all the load cells.

What to consider when working with hopper load cells


The wireless system is ideal for the hopper load cell system because it does not have many hardware requirements. You can relay all the data via wireless means and reduce the need for the staff’s constant calibration interference.


Load cells work smoothly for many years without an effect on accuracy. It is advisable to calibrate the cells if you want accurate measurements.


Do not try replacing the cells without the right technical expertise. We can use a wide range of S-beams and load cells to ensure the replacement has proper load cell design conditions. We create cells with specific designs that match your business's particular industry; hence, you may need a unique hand to replace the weigh hopper weighing system.

What should I watch out for when using hopper load cells?

How do load cells fail? Massload experts advise against installing weigh hopper load cells with rigid piping because it causes inaccurate weighing. We are also strong against using the wrong tools because they will completely throw off the performance.

Do you have experience with any of the above issues? We can give you the highest quality of measurement equipment when you call our team on 1-800-667-3825.


Weigh Hopper Load Cell
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